Archangels are celestial beings of high rank who are believed to offer us guidance and special healing. Each Archangel has an associated gemstone that assists with answering prayers and affirmations. The Jacqueline Rose Archangel Collection endows you with sacred accessories that help open your soul to the heavens. 

Ariel - Rose Quartz

Ariel is known as the ultimate humanitarian archangel. She oversees the protection of nature, including all animals and plants and natural elements such as water and wind. Ariel uses nature to inspire humanity to love and appreciate life's many wonders. Ariel teaches us that when we love ourselves, we are able to open our hearts to love others as well. Ariel is associated with number 4 in numerology. Pray to Ariel with her associated gemstone, Rose Quartz to help with healing issues of the heart, self love, inner peace and finding life's purpose. 


Gabriel - Citrine

Gabriel, a powerful and strong female archangel, offers guidance in two important roles. In her first role, she inspires and motivates artists and communicators, helping them overcome fear and procrastination. In her second role, Gabriel guides hopeful parents toward successful child conception or adoption. Gabriel is associated with number 4 in numerology and the Third Eye Chakra. Pray to Gabriel with her associated gemstone, Citrine, if you're an artist, journalist or involved in television or radio media. Also pray to Gabriel if you are facing issues with fertility, conception or child adoption.


Haniel - Moonstone

Haniel is known as the "angel of joy". She guides people who are searching for fulfillment and hope. Haniel is associated with Capricorn in Astrology. Pray to Haniel with her associated gemstone, Moonstone, to open your intuition, create harmonious relationships, and to feel a general sense of well being. 


Jeremiel - Amethyst

Jeremiel is known as the angel of dreams as he communicates hopeful messages to people who are troubled or discouraged. Pray to Jeremiel with his associated gemstone, Amethyst, to make positive changes in your life and to help interpret prophetic visions or psychic dreams. 


Sandalphon - Turquoise

Sandalphon is known as the angel of music and prayer. Sandalphon is associated with the Root Chakra and all earth signs in Astrology: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Pray to Sandalphon with his associated gemstone, Turquoise, to assist with communication and self expression. Sandalphon helps us deliver our messages openly to others.