Path to Enlightenment

The thing about me and my brand is that we’re always evolving. I’m always learning new things about myself… and new things about life. Creativity and inspiration for my designs sometimes feels like lightning bolts. It comes from every direction and oozes out of me. I’m constantly seeking the latest ways to offer an innovative and quality product. That is what enlightenment is all about. Walking the path to enlightenment is easy and achievable. Enlightenment comes when we’re open-minded to discovery. 

Over the summer I became deeply afflicted by the current state of the world in the Middle East. I might be naive – but my innocence also makes me a great dreamer and visionary. I really do dream of a world where humanity can live in peace and harmony together. This might be a lofty dream but I can play a part in achieving it by using my talents to create a brand that promotes world peace.

As a researcher, what I discovered over the summer is that all branches of spirituality are literally connected. There are correlations between numbers and signs in numerology and astrology to archangels in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. All of these forms of spirituality even correlate back to Chakra healing points and beautiful gemstones

If we’re all connected, then let’s live in harmony together. I want to share my inner world of peace, love and beauty with you through my jewelry. I want you to channel this great energy when wearing my pieces. I want you to feel enlightened knowing that you are paving the way to a spiritual journey for humanity. 

Please enjoy Path to Enlightenment. Look book photography by Alejandro Cerdena and product pictures by Direct Digital Photo. Hair and make up by Talia Culley.

Peace, Love and Beauty!


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