Numerology chart reading

A full numerology chart reading is $100.00 and includes

  • Life Path Number: Your life purpose and unique path based on your birthday
  • Destiny (or Expression) Number: Your life mission based on your name           
  • Soul (aka Heart’s Desire) Number: Your motivation and inner drive
  • Birthday Number: Your talents and abilities
  • Personality Number: How you’re perceived by others
  • Maturity Number: The person you will become (your true self)
  • Current Name Number: Influential talents and abilities based on your name
  • Signature Number: The lasting impression you leave on people
  • Major Life Cycles: Your major life goals
  • Pinnacles: Your life lessons and areas of achievement
  • Challenges: Your major life challenges
  • Personal Year Number: Your forecast for the year
  • Conclusion: My personal insight on affirmations and gemstones that can assist you along your unique journey

Charts can be sent in PDF format via email or by hard copy by USPS mail. 

The reading was really insightful and felt very accurate. It was so great for us to take in.
— Andy Katz & Ashira Jasmine, Founders of Jewel & Lotus
Great Job! I loved it and can see myself in all you share. Would like to share with my friends. This is a nice gift in the middle of a busy day.
— Vanessa Codorniu, Cht, Intuitive Strategist & Urban Priestess